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August 2018 Allergic rhinitis can mean a variety of symptoms Previous Issues
Issue Date Subject

November 2018 Refresh Your Cardiovascular Testing Previous Issues
Issue Date Subject

January 2019 Update on Canagliflozin Previous Issues
January 2019 Early treatment intensification – the need in type 2 diabetes
June 2018 SGLT2 Inhibitors in Type 2 Diabetes: The New Diabetes Canada Guidelines Ref...
Issue Date Subject

November 2018 Patient management in the treatment of obesity Previous Issues
November 2018 Red Vine Leaf Extract: A Clinically Demonstrated Therapy Option for Chronic...
October 2018 Controlling food cravings: the role of the brain
Issue Date Subject

March 2019 Get an Accurate GI Diagnosis for your Patient Previous Issues
February 2019 More Than a Gut Feeling: Proven Role of Prebiotic Fibre for Digestive Healt...
October 2018 Prebiotic Fibre And Its Role in Gut Health Vs. Probiotics
Infectious Diseases
Issue Date Subject

November 2018 Influenza Vaccines for Adults Aged 65 and Older – Wait, there’s more than o... Previous Issues
Managing Cough and Cold
Issue Date Subject

January 2018 “I Have to Do Something to Treat her Cold” Previous Issues
Natural Health
Issue Date Subject

June 2018 Pain Management Options for Osteoarthritis of the Knee Previous Issues
Issue Date Subject

April 2019 Pharmacist’s Guide to Healthy Diet Previous Issues
Issue Date Subject

March 2019 Is OTC Pain Relief a Pain in the Gut? Check Again Previous Issues
October 2018 Abdominal Pain, Cramping and Discomfort: Where Do Antispasmodics Fit In?
September 2018 Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders and the Vicious Cycle of Stress
Patient Benefits
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November 2018 Xerostomia: Are we leaving our patients hanging out to dry? Previous Issues
Women's Health
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October 2018 Pregnancy: Planning Ahead, for a better future Previous Issues
June 2018 Menopause: When to bring back MHT